Don’t wait until
your performance

To remember everything you did

Start Documenting Your Wins

The Chat Bot for you to journal your accomplishments

BragBot is a SMS chat bot you message with your accomplishments.

When it's time for your performance review, ask BragBot to email you a summary of your accomplishments.

Armed with this summary, you can show why you deserve a raise or promotion and the value you've added to the organization.

Start Documenting Your Wins

Why you need BragBot

You're Forgetful

Remembering what you did a year ago is hard and you’ll forget important details.

Your Manager's Forgetful

Your manager has more direct reports than just you. Don’t expect them to remember everything you did.

Get Recognition

You only get recognized for what you talk about during your review.

Small Consistent Wins are Overlooked

Small details over time have big impact. We often overlook these small details because they’re only big in aggregate.

No Time for Review Prep

Preparing for a review takes requires you to clearly articulate your accomplishments and this takes a lot of time. Time you don't have.

Your Notes are Scattered

All your meeting and project notes are scattered.

How BragBot Works

BragBot Prompts You

At the time you scheduled BragBot will ask you about your accomplishments.

You Respond

You answer with your accomplishments.

Get a Summary

When you desire you can ask BragBot for a summary of all your accomplishments.


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